Bones Baltic BBC

The exhibition at THE BALTIC CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS (see below) is a fabulous tribute to crazy vinyl culture. The X-Ray Audio section is very nicely sited adjacent to an amazing film piece by Christian Marclay which shows a gramophone needle riding the grooves of a record in huge close up.

On 16th APRIL, Stephen and Aleks Kolkowski will be presenting an evening on the project with a talk, images, film and a demonstration of the cutting of a new X-Ray record.

Paul Smith vocalist of the band MAXIMO PARK has graciously submitted himself to be x-rayed this time.  He will be performing a song form his new album live and Aleks will be cutting it straight to x-ray . 


BBC ARTS covered the exhibition with a film featuring the X-Ray Audio installation and an interview with curator Alessandro Vincentelli.  (Although the x-ray bootlegs were not imported into the Soviet Union as stated, they were made there and the use of X-rays was not an attempt to disguise the true nature of the records). 

X-Ray Audio: Bones and the BBC

The X-Ray Audio Exhibition has enjoyed a lot of media attention in the last weeks. Stephen was on BBC Radio 4's TODAY program talking about it with Sarah Montague and the Russian journalist Victoria Bazoeva.

You can check it out HERE 

That  piece made it to Pick of the Week on Sunday: the weekly round up of the best programming from the previous seven day

BBC Ukraine ran a piece with some of the music that Stephen has composed for the project and which Aleks cut onto X-Ray

And last weekend BBC WORLD ran a very nice piece called 'Bone Music' by producer Natalia Rolleston with Stephen and Aleks Kolkowski which almost sounds like a trailer for our upcoming documentary.

Have a listen