The X-Ray Audio documentary ROENTGENIZDAT is currently showing at film festivals.  To watch the trailer go HERE.  

At TED in Krakow in June 2015, Stephen Coates presented the X-Ray Audio project, telling the story of the Soviet bootleggers and asking e questions: "What would you risk to listen to music?"

In an historic X-Ray Audio event at London's The Horse Hospital, we made new x-ray records form pa performance by Lydia Kavina of the Theremin family and probably the best thereminist in the world to 

London Film maker Michal Dzierza has made this super short about the project shot in London's The Horse Hospital inside the X-Ray Audio exhibition we held there in January.

Here is a film clip made by Paul Heartfield of one of an original recording lathe used to make Bone records on X-Ray plates in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  

In January 2015 during the X-Ray Audio exhibition at London's The Horse Hospital, we cut a new x-ray record from a live performance of an old Russian song