X-Ray Audio and Rebel Sounds

Our next live event will be at the Imperial War Museum in London on September 21st.


We will be working with Ayse from the band SAVAGES on a unique performance / x-ray sound experiment, talking about the Soviet x-ray era and showing some materials from our exhibition.

It is a free event but you need to register HERE

The event is part of the live REBEL SOUNDS series running in parallel with the CULTURE UNDER ATTACK program currently showing at the museum.

As part of the series, we were with the Museum at the WOMAD festival performing with the musician and activist artist EMMANUEL JAL and his sister NYARUCH They had previously told their harrowing stories - Emmanuel was a boy soldier in Sudan in unbelievably terrifying conditions. We then cut them singing together to x-ray.

It’s important for us to bring the narratives behind the Soviet x-ray culture - culture under attack, music as resistance, human endeavour and the transformatory potential of the arts - into the present. Music is still censored, culture is still under attack in many places in the world.

X-Ray Audio live events are always special, celebratory occasions.

Below are some of the responses of the audience at WOMAD.

“Thought provoking, emotionally intense and very important message”
“Fascinating, excellent, thank god for passion like this in the world!”
“Awards should be given for this stunning presentation of a fantastic time in history”
“Fascinating insight into a time I knew nothing about”
“Such an amazing enlightening, informative and joyful experience! Thank you”
“Lively, informative information. Really informed by the live recording with Emmanuel Jal & sister – a very memorable event!”