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A major piece on the X-Ray Audio exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art featured on the Monday June 11th edition of BBC's flagship news program NEWSNIGHT.  The repost is based on our interviews with the BBC's Israel correspondent Tom Bateman and carries various sequences and interviews from our documentary ROENTGENIZDAT  

Play the clip below

The piece references our aim  of bringing the underlying theme of the exhibition - music and underground distribution as cultural resistance - into the present and make it local, in this case with examples / documentary films relating to the middle east.

Tom's mention of the exhibition coming to London in the Autumn refers to our upcoming residency at SOHO Radio in Great Windmill Street where we will create an installation and broadcast a series of programs over a two week period. That will be followed by live events at Calvert 22 and The Horse Hospital with various special guests. More details on those soon.

We are currently in the planning stage to take the exhibition to Tokyo in spring 2019 and to the US subsequently.