Our exhibition at Tel Aviv Museum of Art has just closed after five month run. It had a record number of visitors  - of all ages. There is a large Russian community in the city, but the subject of forbidden and underground culture seemed to really touch a nerve with many people locally.  Thanks to our collaborators and the curators at the museum. It was the biggest show we have yet done and looked amazing - see images below.

We are currently in talks to take the exhibition to Japan and to the US. If you are involved with an institution or suitable venue and want to work with us please get in touch.  As well as the full exhibition, we hold one-off live events often as part of festivals.

We will  have a residency at SOHO RADIO in November with a two week installation in central London. More details on that soon.

In the meantime, HERE is a great piece on the project in THE HINDU TIMES by Aditya Iyer.