X-RAY AUDIO - review on VICE

Following our events, in New York last week, VICE have run a long piece on the project by Kim Kelly. The events were amazing. Sukdhev Sandhu of New York University invited us to speak at  his Colloquium of Unpopular Culture.  It was great and strangely appropriate to be in a physics laboratory with slightly cold war feel to it.  A lot of Russians came and we recorded a live performance by New York based Russian jazz singer Svetlana Shmulyian.  Svetlana sang a song by 'Eddie' Rosner - very appropriate as Rosner was one of the prominent Jazz musicians who was arrested and imprisoned during the  post war Soviet era (although we have yet to come across his music on x-ray).

We followed up with an evening at the extraordinary Museum of Morbid Anatomy in Brooklyn. We were joined by our friend Marcella Puppini to sing the old Russian song Dorrogoi Dlinnoyou which Aleks recorded straight to x-ray.

Thanks to our hosts and to all the people who came. It is so rewarding to realise how much this story connects with people.

The VICE piece is HERE