X-Rays at The Wellcome Collection

We have just made a proposal to make an X-Ray Audio live event at London's Wellcome Trust.  More on that if it happens but in doing the research I came across this beautiful image in the Wellcome's amazing on line collection.

It is one the first X-ray images ever produced and was made by German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen (1845-1923) soon after his discovery of X-Radiology (using short wavelength electromagnetic radiation to make interior photographs) in 1895. 

It shows the bones of the hand of his wife, Anna, who was left handed, and who upon viewing her skeleton exclaimed: “I have seen my death!”

Röntgen was professor of Physics at Würtzburg University and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1901 for the application of radiology in photography. 

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Image courtesy of Wellcome Library

Image courtesy of Wellcome Library