Here is a document listing of Western bands banned in the Soviet Union because their 'work contains ideologically and morally harmful product' Until recently it was classified "For Official Use Only."

It includes: The B-52s for 'militarism', Blondie for violence, Depeche Mode for being apolitical, Donna Summer for eroticism, Culture Club for homosexuality, Madonna for sex, Michael Jackson for horror, Madness for violence, Motorhead for moral turpitude (fair enough), Pink Floyd for a 'perversion of Soviet foreign policy', Rod Stewart for eroticism (really?) and the list goes on: Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Prince, The Corgis (surely not?), Van Halen, Ike Turner..

It is listed as being published by the  'Ministry of Culture. October 1, 1984'. Obviously that is a lot later than the x-ray bootleg  record period but it shows how pervasive was the ideological position developed in the post war era with regard to foreign music.

It was recommended that "to strengthen the fight against the influence of bourgeois ideology' the work of these groups was prohibited for playback and for sale  on "LPs, CDs, cassettes, videos, books, posters and other products"

Thanks to Kass Bay and Grimnir 74