How to Play an X-Ray Record - Then


Here is a typical soviet era portable record player, the "Jubileyniy RG -3", which could have been used to play X-Ray records. It first appeared in stores in 1957 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. There was also a modification - the "Jubileyniy RG-3M" - released in 1960. They were assembled at the Leningrad factory named after the Soviet politician Zhdanov. 

The price of the Jubileyniy RG-3M in 1960 was 590 roubles (the rouble was the re-valued in the late 1992)

Note: The disc shown on the turntable here is a flexi from my collection.  It is very unusual - a Georgian song satirising Krushchev.  The image shows Stalin bonking him on the head with his pipe for messing things up after Stalin had died.

To be found making such an image or song, would of course have got the author in trouble - although probably not with Stalin..